SMC DL9 850

Die SMC DL9 (DL 850) IRS 2x4/4x4 mit einem V2 Einspritzmotor.

Engine type

DL9 (DL 850) IRS 2x4/4x4 (Lo/Hi/N/R/P) -
Long version or 2-UP



Engine Type

4 stroke two cylinder vertical 1-2, liquid cooled, 4 valves SOHC

Displacement (bore * stoke)

DL 850 = 818 or 817,6cc (92x61,5mm)x2

Max power

27,5kw/5000min with90km/hr speed control

Ignition and Starter

CDI and Electric Starter

Fuel system



CVT + (Lo-Hi-N-R-P)/Independent Rear Suspension

Drive Train/Final Drive

3-way (2WD. Limited slip 4WD, differential lock 4WD)/Shaft drive
Build in rear differential gear box 
(with 4-wheel lock)

L/W/H(mass in running order)

2315/1193/1395mm(altered by wheel/tire)

Dry Weight 
(mass in running order with single rider)

(F) =191kg  (R) =201 kg Total =392 kg

Front/Rear Brake/Parking Brake

Disc x 2/Disc x2/Disc x1


2315/1193/1395mm  (altered by wheel/tire)

F/R Tire

teel wheel AT25*8-12"/AT25*10-12" or 
others ie. alloy wheel AT26*8-14"/AT26*10-14"


one seat for single or two (one seat for two people)

F&R rack, side fender & 
handle bar protector

build in or option

Coupling (Trailer hitch)



2000LBS or3000LBS(build in or option)


26 pcs/40 HQ? (2290/1280/880mm)

Available color

black/white/H-Green ie. other optional process = painting or water print -camouflage

Optional Accessories

Winch, EPS,12?or14?alloy wheel, ATV luggage, ATV bag, ATV cover